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Here we strive to break you away from the current, flawed fitness model that we see so prevalent in the world today. You won’t find big mirrors, fancy equipment, or juice bars once you enter our doors. At our facility we utilize only the tools necessary to build elite levels of fitness – barbells, medicine balls, olympic lifting platforms, pull-up bars, determination and sweat. With years of collective experience teaching and training athletes, our dedicated staff of certified coaches is here to share their wisdom and help you grow. So whether you’re an Olympic athlete, a college student, or a stay-at-home mom... our training program is custom designed to push you further than you have ever gone before. Be better than you were yesterday!

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Drop ins and experienced CrossFitters are always welcomed!

Orange County Locals: thinking of trying out "CrossFit?" See what the craze is all about! Did you ever think that "working out" could be fun? Well, it is here at Anaheim CrossFit West! Come visit us and try a class anytime.

RSVP: call or text (714) 801-4991

anaheim crossfit team
anaheim crossfit team

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