Our Coaches


Lisa “LD” Duong
Owner and CFL1 Coach

Lisa dabbled in CrossFit in the year 2012. Former member of almost every globo gym, she never quite understood what being “strong” really meant… until one day she took a bootcamp class and realized that she could not do one proper push up. Embarrassed of her inabilities, she left the bootcamp world and got herself into a CrossFit Foundations Program and transformed into a completely different person.

She’s dropped in to visit and train with CrossFit gyms all over Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami. But alas, Anaheim CrossFit West became her permanent “home” as an athlete. When she had the chance to become a coach and then an owner, she jumped on it and never looked back. She has also trained specifically in the sport of weightlifting under Coach Russell McCarthy, Kilofornia Barbell for most of 2015.

“I just want to create a place where the coaches and members can push each other to the best of their abilities and surprise even themselves. A place where we can all workout, shoot the shit, and have a beer [or protein shake] after. That’s what being HOME and having a FAMILY feels like. I love every single member and coach at my gym!” -LD


Matt Wade, CFL1 Coach

Coach Matt has been athletic his entire life. He played baseball in high school and football at Fullerton JC. When his athletic training ended in college, he wondered what he would do to fill that void of competing. He was introduced to CrossFit in February, 2013. In late 2014, he met coach Mike and coach Lisa at his Level 1 Seminar where they all became certified CrossFit coaches.

Matt received a BA in Kinesiology and will pursue a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy as well as a USA Weightlifting Cert in 2015. He plans to go on to get his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Recent accomplishments: 
-1st place in the Affiliate Showcase at the 2015 LA Fit Expo
-Three time Grid League invitee [LA Reign, San Fran Fire, Miami Surge]

In Matt’s own words: “as an athlete, you look for that one thing that will push pass your limits… CrossFit has definitely done that.”

Kody Fairfield, CFL1 Coach

Kody started CrossFit during the summer of 2012 after being introduced to it by a roommate. He started competing in scaled divisions of local CrossFit competitions in early 2013– taking 3rd place in the midwest classic in Chicago, IL. Since then he has gone on to get his CFL1 cert and moved on to compete in the Rx’d division on team events.

Outside of CrossFit, Kody played and coached baseball. Playing for El Dorado High School eventually led to him coaching many teams in the Placentia Pony Youth League and even for his own Alma Mater at the freshman level. Kody is looking forward to bringing his coaching knowledge to the world of CrossFit, helping to not only better the athletes in the gym but himself as a coach.

Rick Rozendaal, CFL1 Coach

Coach Rick became a trainer and coach because he enjoys helping people reach goals they thought were unattainable. He strives to make their goals his goals and help them learn new ways to strengthen their bodies. He began training people over 6 years ago in his free time. Rick got his CrossFit L1 Cert a few years later and has been active in competitive CrossFit for over 2 years. He was in the top 2% in the 2015 CrossFit Open (So Cal).

Rick has always been an athletic person in a wide range of sports including: soccer, football, surfing, skim boarding, wake-boarding, skiing, and more which helps him relate to all athletic backgrounds.

In Rick's words: "Coaching CrossFit is not just a job, but it's a passion. I completely fell in love with the community aspect of CrossFit from day one. I became bored of the conventional style of lifting and found that CrossFit keeps people in shape aesthetically, physically, and mentally, preparing people for anything life throws at you. Other than personal training, I teach two boot camp classes and one strength and conditioning class weekly. I look forward to having the opportunity to coach you in the next ACFW class or even 1 on 1.

Sheila Rodriguez, CFL1 Coach

Coach Sheila has been in the CrossFit game for 4+ years and has been a WOD killer ever since she picked up a barbell. She was so impressive that she could no longer deny the cries from the ACFW family for her to become a coach. Her extensive softball background transfers perfectly into the teamwork aspect of CrossFit. She will act as if she’s not that good, but beware– she’s a beast in the gym and will crush any WOD and those who stand in her way.