Our Coaches


Lisa Duong, Owner and CFL1 Coach

Lisa dabbled in CrossFit in the year 2012. Former member of almost every globo gym, she never quite understood what being “strong” really meant… until one day she took a bootcamp class and realized that she could not do one proper push up. Embarrassed of her inabilities, she left the bootcamp world and got herself into a CrossFit Foundations Program and transformed into a completely different person.

She’s dropped in to visit and train with CrossFit gyms all over Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami. But alas, Anaheim CrossFit West became her permanent “home” as an athlete. When she had the chance to become a coach and then an owner, she jumped on it and never looked back. She has also trained specifically in the sport of weightlifting under Coach Russell McCarthy, Kilofornia Barbell for most of 2015.

“I just want to create a place where the coaches and members can push each other to the best of their abilities and surprise even themselves. A place where we can all workout, shoot the shit, and have a beer [or protein shake] after. That’s what being HOME and having a FAMILY feels like. I love every single member and coach at my gym!” -LD


Drew Wilson, CFL2 Coach

Coach Drew's first coaching experience started with boys' youth volleyball
while attending UC Santa Barbara. After returning home from playing
volleyball in Europe, he decided to dedicate himself to helping others
through fitness.

His philosophy simple: "One needs to have a WHY behind what you are doing with your fitness. Only then can you correctly asses your goals and create
a plan of action to match up. If you can't find your WHY or get lost when it comes to implementation, that is where I and other coaches can make a
huge impact on you and your life."



-B.A. Communications, Minor in Sports Management

-CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine

-NSCA, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

-CrossFit Powerlifting

-CrossFit Weightlifting

-Outlaw Comeptitor's Camp

-OPEX Competitor's Camp

-IndoRowc(Rowing) Certification

Athletic Achievments:

1999-2002 - 3x Junior National Volleyball Champion

2002-2007 - Division I Volleyball at UC Santa Barbara

2008 - Professional Bundesliga Volleyball Athlete for FC Schuttorf (Germany

2012 - Southern California CrossFit Regional Athlete - Individual (23rd

2015 - CF Games Regional Athlete (CA Regional - Team CF Intersect)

2012 - OC Throwdown Individual Athlete - Elite Division

Alex Alonso, CFL1 Coach

Coach Alex has an extensive background in a variety of high school sports (football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, etc.). He discovered CrossFit about 2 years ago and was able to learn and execute all the movements in a short time, including the more advanced gymnastic type skills such as muscle ups and handstand push ups.

After realizing how much he enjoyed being a CrossFit athlete, he started to enjoy helping others through their own struggles and decided to become a certified coach. When Alex is not coaching or working out, you can find him serving as an ER Tech at Anaheim Regional Medical Center.

Charlie King, CFL1 Coach

Coach Charlie is an Iowa transplant and with a background in multiple sports: baseball, basketball, and football. After he completed school, Charlie coached high school baseball and basketball. He majored in K-12 Physical Education in College and found CrossFit soon after in 2012.

Charlie taught himself how to perform various CrossFit movements by watching multitude of videos. He finally took the plunge to attend a CrossFit L1 seminar in March 2018 and is ready to help others on their fitness journey.

Eddie Park, CFL1 and Weightlifting Coach

Coach Eddie was introduced to CrossFit 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Prior to CrossFit, he was going to globo gyms, but didn't see much results. After only a few months of CrossFit training, he lost more weight (body fat) and got much stronger than years working out at a regular gym. At 6 months, he started competing and had an interest in coaching. 2 years later, he picked up weightlifting and started a new journey. He has competed in many weightlifting meets, 2 being at University Nationals! If he's not coaching or lifting, he is at school pursuing a mechanical engineering degree.

Coach Eddie's philosophy is a simple one: "a great coach should be like a school teacher. They should show you what to do and explain how to do it. They should be able to answer your questions in a way you would understand. And to be the biggest cheerleader and motivator, helping you reach your goals."