ACFW member weekly announcements

ACFW member weekly announcements:

1. Always sign in and please don’t be late to class.

2. Lost & found items are donated, please do not leave your things at the box or someone in need may get them!

3. Sign up and fill out your athlete profile for “Winter WODerland” (our in-house competition Saturday, Feb. 7th from 9am-1pm-ish) **IF YOU ARE AN AVAILABLE ATHLETE– write your name on our whiteboard and we’ll find you a suitable partner. $30/team. Remember, all athletes can win a FREE month of CrossFit!
>Every athlete will be required to do a minimum of 10 double unders!
>>We still need a venue to host our after party; if anyone knows a clubhouse or house we can use to hang out at after the competition, please let LISA know ASAP!

4. Blue (men) & Purple (women) PR sheets are sitting on top of the microwave, please fill them out so we can keep track of your lifts! If you do not have a *current* PR for any given lift, leave the line blank– your auxiliary work for the next month is to establish your 1 rep maxes!! File your sheets under your first name in the black folder.

5. OPEN GYM SUNDAY (Jan. 18) 10:00am-11:30am thanks to Coach Scott.

6. Please come in early or stay after and work on your mobility… we won’t always have time to get in as much as is needed before a killer WOD. Take care of your muscles and joints!

7. Retail. Right now the following are for sale:
$70 Progenex More Muscle & Cocoon
$60-65 Progenex Recovery
$60 Progenex Force (30 servings, pre workout)
$40 K-otic (pre workout, on sale, previous price = $50)
$40 ACFW hoodies (we have some in navy blue now)
$20 ACFW Black & White hoodie (from last year)
$20 ACFW Shirts or tanks
$3 [or] 2 for $5: Progenex Force (single serve), Kill Cliff, Fit Aid, C2O Coconut Water, Quest Bars
$1 Bottled Water
**I have 2 Women’s Reebok Nano 3.0 (red or blue) size 8 for sale for $69/pair.
>>Credit Cards are accepted for purchases over $20. Speak to any coach for the items.

And since you read all the way down this far, you get a gift! You’ll need to work on your OHS (heavy, for strength) for our competition!