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The only way to find out if Anaheim CrossFit West is for you is to come in and try us out. This FREE introductory workout is designed to introduce you to CrossFit and the way our classes and program are structured. We’ll show you some of our basic movements and then create a custom workout for you and test your abilities. (CF foundations session)

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Already familiar with CrossFit and want to jump right in?

It’s as easy as picking a class from our schedule and joining us for our Workout of the Day. There’s no obligation to join. We look forward to seeing you! Simply call, text, or message us via the web contact form (on the left) to let us know when you want to drop in! Nominal fee applies.

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To schedule your complimentary introductory [Foundations] session, just give us a call at the facility or fill out our web contact form! We’ll be glad to get you started right away!!