kettle bell
kettle bell


Thursday, April 23, 2015

9x3 Speed Bench (30s rest or alternate w/ partner)
*40-50% of 1RM Floor Press w/ bands
(Men: Red, Women: orange)

Death By: 2's
A. Pull Up
B. Bent Over Barbell Row (75+/55+)
C. Sit Up

As clock starts, EMOM +2 reps on movement (A) until failure, then full minute's rest before starting all over with movement 2, etc. Example:
Min 1: 2 Pull Up
Min 2: 4 Pull Up
Min 3: 6 Pull Up (Failed to do 6)
Min 4: REST
Min 5: 2 Bent Row
Min 6: 4 Bent Row
Score = total ‪#‎reps‬ completed from all 3 movements

Extra Credit (Auxiliary):
3x12:60s SADB Row
3x12:60s Elevated Ring Row
100 Band Push Downs