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October 16-21 (WODs of the Week)

Monday, October 16, 2017

WOD #1
Every 2min. x 10 Rounds:
10/7 Cal Assault Bike Sprint (12/9 AirDyne or Rower)
3 Power Cleans (Climbing)

Note: start at about 50-60% effort and throw something on every round. Try and get the bike done in 10-30sec… SPRINT! Cleans do not have to be touch and go. Have fun on this :) Score is the heaviest set of 3 you hit. Advance: Assault, Intermediate: Airdyne, Beginner: Row or Airdyne.

WOD #2
Chin-Ups (underhand grip)

Note: 15 min running clock. This is not for time. Quality reps. More of a strength type WOD. Move efficiently with minimal rest.
*Rx+ is strict for both movements
*Getting good at this now? Wear a vest or hold 10# plate between your legs on the pull-ups.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Front Squat
Warm up quickly to 55-60%, then:
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
Max reps at 85% (record reps & weight)

For Time: (Cap = 18 min)
Thrusters (115/75)
+15 T2B after each set (scale: 20 knee tucks or straight leg lifts from floor)

Rx+:135/95, RxC: 155/105
Newer athletes may use DB’s

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

15 min to warm up to your heaviest DL set (for the WOD)

5 minutes to finish each set:
(minute 0-5)
Deadlifts (225/155)
Lateral Burpees (Rx: is jump over the barbell with 2 feet together)
(72 reps)
+2 min rest (change weights)

(minute 7-12)
Deadlifts (275/175)
Lateral Burpees
(54 reps)
+2 min rest (change weights)

(minute 14-19)
Deadlifts (315/205)
Lateral Burpees
(36 reps)

SCALE AS NEEDED TO MOVE WELL. Do not go up in weight each set if your form or efficiency is compromised. If you finish early- you get extra rest. Your score is total reps completed in each of the three 5-minute windows. There are 81 total deadlifts and 81 total burpees for a top score of 162.

Auxiliary - Core
4 rounds:
Weighted Planks (Suggested: 55/35)
1min. on / 1min. off

Thursday, October 19, 2017

SWOD - Weightlifting
5-3-3-2-2-2 Split Jerk
Build up to a 2RM (from the rack, in good form)
*Recover with your front foot first, then your back foot.
*Keep the core tight as you dip with knees out & butt back.
*Get UNDER the bar. Front knee > 90 degrees. Back knee bent.

For Time:
1000m Row
60 Push Press (75/55) << This should be light. Scale as needed!
10 Bar Muscle Ups*
*Scale: 20 C2B Pulls Ups + 20 Dips/Push Ups

Accessory Work:
100 Slam Balls (Adv: 30/20, Int: 25/15, Beg: 20/10)
*Do it fast and correctly. If you rest more than 10 sec at any point, just stop because you ruined the stimulus. Suck it up and work.

Friday, October 20, 2017

SWOD - Weightlifting
Snatch (full)
11-minute clock—
3 rounds: 3 Snatches EMOM (medium, 60-70% across)
—REST 1 minute + change weights—
3 rounds: 2 Snatches EMOM (medium-heavy, 75-85%)
—REST 1 minute + change weights—
3 rounds: 1 Snatch EMOM (heavy ~85-90% or build to a heavy single)

*Keep the same weight for the triples, use the 3’s as a solid warm up. Athletes may build across the doubles and singles. Advance athletes do full snatches. Scale: power snatch + OHS.

AMRAP - Rounds
Min 1: 20 Wall Balls (20/14)
Min 2: 15 Bench Press (135/75)
Min 3: 15 Box Jumps (24/20, Rx+: 30/24)

^Partner up if using the same weights. Partners may start on different movements, following the order. Move well for 30-45 seconds. Athletes may scale #reps required per minute, pick a number that can be successfully completed for the duration of the WOD within the given minute.

3x5 DB Bent Over Rows

Saturday, October 21, 2017

With a 35 minute running clock…

10 minutes to get as far as possible...
15 Power Cleans (135/95, or start at ~60%)
30 T2B (scale: 40 knee ups or leg lifts)
15 Power Cleans (155/105)
30 T2B
15 Power Cleans (175/115)
30 T2B
15 Power Cleans (195/125)…
…continue this sequence while adding 20/10# each round. Note total #reps and final weight on bar. Newer athletes may keep the same weight every round.

**Rest 5 min**

At 15:00 mark—
7 Rounds For Time or AMRAP, tag team style: (CAP: 20 min)
400m Run (200m intervals)
29 Back Squats (135/95, off the ground)*

*Note: newer athletes may sub DB or KB.